It’s the first important Allo 2.0 Update for Google’s new messaging service, and it brings a lot that probably should have been there at launch.

The first important update to Google Allo is here. Version 2.0 brings a whole batch of improvements, many of which give you a reason to take another look at Allo 2.0 Update if you’ve yet to give it a try.

But before you get over excited: SMS/MMS messaging is not one of them.


Allo 2.0 Update


For those using Android 7.1, there’s now an app shortcut to launch within a new conversation. There aren’t shortcuts yet for specific conversations like you get on Google’s Messenger SMS app, however.

Several other features that exist in other messaging apps are making their debut in Allo 2.0. Now while using the Android sharing menu your regular contacts will appear.

And you can now go crazy with GIFs. You’ll reach them just as with any other app, though don’t worry about sending any to the Google Assistant just yet. That’ll just confuse it. There’s also help for the GIF keyboard.

Allo also plays better with Android Wear, enabling you to draw an emoji or respond with your voice.

Allo project point Justin Uberti offered a changelog as well. He’s pretty active on Twitter, also responding to feature requests:

Allo 2.0 Update
Allo 2.0 relnotes (Android):
• App shortcuts
• Landscape
• N multi-window
• GIF keyboard
• a11y mode

 N quick reply

• Incognito key alerts

If you want to check out Allo for yourself, take a look at the update in the Play Store or take it right now from APK Mirror.

Play Store

APK Mirror

The impact on you: These are nice bonuses if you’ve been using Allo, taking in features that are necessary for it to be a viable contender. However, the future of messaging all-presence here in the U.S. is probably through Rich Communication Services, as the complete identifiable way to reach people is still within their phone number.


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