Two large companies, Apple and Nike, are working together to provide avid runners with a new device. The Apple Watch Nike+ will be available to the public on October 28.

According to MacWorld, the main feature of the Apple Watch Nike+ involves its software which is specially made to benefit runners. It includes the Nike+ Run Club social app. This app is a popular among runners as it helps organize your run schedules, prompts you with motivational messages, and provides personalized coaching sessions. The app also enables you to compare your current and previous workouts and have fist bumps with friends and fellow Nike+ Run Club app users. The new Nike software will work with Apple’s own operating system that is also in the specialized watch.

Apple Watch Nike

As for its solid design, the Apple Watch Nike+ employs a lightweight aluminum case and has a unique perforated sports band to allow excellent ventilation. The Nike+ edition of the Apple Watch S2 also has built-in GPS and is water repellent up to 50 meters deep. CNET previously described the device to have a “funky silicon strap that makes the watch feel close like a Nike FuelBand.”


As with other Apple Watch devices, the user will need to fasten the Nike+ edition to an iPhone wirelessly. This will permit the device to receive updates and notifications. It can also be used separately for using other apps.

The Apple Watch Nike+ will compete with other specialized fitness smartwatches like Jawbone and Fitbit.

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 Apple Watch Nike

The Apple Watch Nike+ was first introduced in September during a San Francisco event. There was no specifying of its release at the time. The October 28 release was quietly announced on their website.

The Apple Watch Nike+ will come in various colors. The 38mm model will cost $369 while the 42mm version will be worth $399, the same as different models from the Apple Watch Series 2.


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