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Picking a gaming mouse is your own choice. What may suit one person won’t necessarily suit another. There are various considerations, from functionality and attributes to comfort and fashion. This is made harder by the tremendous marketplace for gaming mice. Two things are agreed upon by gamers, while the topic of gaming mice might be very subjective: acceleration and prediction are awful for competitive play, and large manufacturers far more emphasize DPI numbers than needed. Today we will discuss and give reviews on Best Gaming Mouse 2017.

Our list takes a look at the very best gaming mice in 2017, emphasizing mice with no prediction or acceleration, or that possess the capability to turn these functions off. Our key focus is on mice that most gamers will find useful across various gaming genres that are competitive.

Best Gaming Mouse 2017 


  1. Mionix Castor

Best Gaming Mouse 2017 - 1


  • Extensive functionality
  • Great button layout
  • Flexible Lift off distance


  • No adjustable weight choice

The Mionix Castor has received positive reviews from gamers and also the technology industry likewise. As a result of quality layout place into this gaming mouse, many reviewers consider it to be among the very best gaming mice. We’ll simply review the specs and consumer opinions, worth noting the high evaluations on this mouse but it’s.

Within the shell is various hardware and software which make the Mionix Castor a go-to for those seeking. In particular, the Mionix Castor has a tendency to be favored for total comfort and its core features. The Castor features a pretty solid ergonomic design which works well for a right-handed grip, but the weight, in addition to the button layout, design, and placement, is all made to make a mouse which suits all grasp styles. At 93.8 gs, it may be a bit light for claw and fingertip grippers at first, but this can be grown accustomed to with time.

There are 6 easy-to-operate programmable buttons. An adjustable DPI switch sits behind the scroll wheel, and each button is designed to need different amounts of pressure to discover the best answer. The matte finish on the exterior provides a good feel, and the LED colors offer a pleasing look.

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2. RazerDeathAdder Chroma

Best Gaming Mouse 2017 - 3


  • Great ergonomic layout
  • Adjustable lift off distance
  • Additional fine tuning applications


  • Weight not flexible

The RazerDeathAdder Chroma is one of the best and very popular gaming mice in 2017. This mouse doesn’t skimp to the most crucial functions for competitive gaming. There are several versions of the DeathAdder available. Razer has a left handed version, a typical variant, a few specialty models, and their very first model, the DeathAdder Classic.

This mouse is famous for its comfortable, ergonomic layout. Formed to fit the palm, the matte surface with rubber side grips creates a mouse -suited for long hours of gaming. Some may realize the mouse causes sweaty hands after very lengthy sessions, nonetheless. Despite weighing a bit above average, 105g, all in all, the mouse feels solid yet light. The weight isn’t adjustable, so it’s finest to determine what you’re comfortable with prior to buying. Since left handed mice are rarer, nevertheless, for lefties, that is only one of your finest gaming mice alternatives.

  1. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Best Gaming Mouse 2017 - 4


  • Exceptional sensor
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

In their continuing attempt to own the market for the best gaming mice, Logitech found one other way to mix things up. The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum, much from chaotic, does offer a brand new spectrum of gamers.

The mouse is ambidextrous in the truest sense of the term. It achieves this by making the industry-standard thumb buttons on the sides changeable. It’s possible for you to put them on either side of the mouse, covering one other side with a rubber pad. Alternatively, you can place buttons on both sides, which might not be comfortable, but certainly, opens up more gaming alternatives.

You’ll love the G900 in the event you liked the G502. The G900 is effectively a wireless upgrade on everything, capitalizing to the G502 Logitech did nicely while dropping a bit of weight. It really is definitely among the very best gaming mouse in 2017.

  1. RoccatKone Pure Military

Best Gaming Mouse 2017 - 5


  • Speedy response times
  • Large and feel
  • Fast response memory


  • No weights that are adjustable

The RoccatKone Pure Military has an extensive variety of attributes that many competitive gamers may find highly valuable.

This 7-button mouse has an ergonomic, right-handed design that mostly fits claw-clasp gaming styles. This mouse possesses solid mechanics and is quick for gaming that is twitch. Roccat devices are highly commended for shunning acceleration and prediction.

  1. Logitech G502 Proteus Core 

Best Gaming Mouse 2017 - 6


  • Customization options
  • Exceptional layout
  • Enhanced scroll wheel


  • A little heavy
  • Rather long and heavy cord

The Logitech G502 is advertised as being “as unique as you”. Upon merchandise assessment, it’s a claim that is rational. All gamers have their setups that are favorite, and this mouse allows for significant levels of customization.

The optical sensor on this mouse can adapt to various surfaces. Additionally, five 3.6g weights in the foundation help gamers find the perfect equilibrium for their gaming style. As it on the heavier side, weighing 121g tuning may not be necessary. With 11 programmable buttons, the G502 really puts the power in the hands of the gamer.

Logitech also includes a double-mode scroll wheel, allowing for precise navigation when browsing the net, when gaming, along with the capability to fly through pages. However, since the scroll wheel is made of metal and not rubberized, it might compel the finger to slip.

We hope our article about the 5 Best Gaming Mouse 2017 was helpful and insightful. Best of luck with your purchase! Shop Smart! And Checkout Hellbound Gamers for the latest Gaming Tricks, Reviews, Ratings on the games that the world Play!

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