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Big, little, inventory, or skin, if you are in the market for a brand new smartphone, chances are there is a Google Android option to suit your fancy. Unlike Apple rigid release cycle, Google’s equipment associated unleash a seemingly endless flow of new devices all year round. Therein lies the problem: With lots of choices out there, how do you settle on the right one? Fortunate for you, we test and review just about a Card Phones any smartphone accessible and available. Continue reading for what to look for when purchasing, as well as our top picks for Android telephones.

Some notes first: HTC, as well as LG, are between mobile generations as we write this.

Do you need a Quad Hi-def display or a 4K camera? And what must you make of the ever growing phablet?

Most current top end devices have screens of 5.5 inches or bigger. If you are trying to find a truly small telephone, this year’s Android collections are pretty thin.

The Sony Xperia X Compact, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7, are your absolute best bets for smaller apparatus right now. Device makers like HTC and Samsung happen to be applying their very own visions to Android for many time now.

If you desire a pure Google expertise, then you need to select a Pixel device, they are the programmer models where Google makes certain to deploy upgrades first. Roid 7.0 Nougat is presently accessible on the two Pixel devices, the LG G5 as well as V20, the unlocked HTC 10, as well as some Sony Xperia telephones.

It is rolling out to the Moto Z as well as G4 series, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as S7 Edge, now.

More Android seven telephones will start inside the next couple of months, including the HTC U as well as LG G6. Most telephones still operate Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and you must accept no less.

If you would like the most recent Edition of the OS at all times, purchase a Pixel. The US marketplace continues to be dominated by provider sold telephones, but a brand new breed of top quality unlocked options are beginning to flood the market.

The great news is that you do not have to break the bank to get a great Android expertise. Some top quality Android telephones can be found totally revealed for around $250, no strings attached.

Well, that’s on one side of the coin if you want to get free from all the bugging notifications that keep on popping in your smartphone here is a catch for you. Let’s talk about the Card Phones!

Wondering what? Card Phones are simple phones that are just the size of cards like Credit/Debit that you usually carry in your wallet. The thing that you should pay your attention to is these aren’t smart actually. The card phones are feature phones that have all the BASIC features like calling and texting.

These phones are available at the price tag of just $5 to $15. You can easily get them from major online portals like e-Bay and Amazon. These phones have looked similar to a pocket-sized calculator or like a simple PAN card that slips easily into your wallet. Yes, you can carry these phones right in your wallet.

What makes you settle for these phones?

The compelling reason that makes you buy such phones is their battery capacity and their simple looks. Another primary reason is a life free from digital notifications. Coming to the battery capacity these phones usually offer 3-4 days of standby under normal usage.

General Technical Specifications

These phones as mentioned earlier just feature phones which wouldn’t offer a great experience for Android or iPhone.

  • A basic small display for normal usage.
  • A single or dual SIM slots.
  • Promising Battery life.
  • Bluetooth and micro USB connectivity.
  • Finally, tension free life (No FB notifications and no App alerts).

Some basic Names worth purchasing!

The M5 credit card sized phone is one among these kinds of phones that are around $15 and has all the specifications we mentioned earlier.

You can get it from Amazon by clicking here.

Another interesting card phone is Kechaoda K116 1.44 inch QQVGA Display Slim Card Size GSM Single SIM Keypad Mobile. This is a popular Chinese phone manufacturer Kechaoda and is worth trying. This phone is available on Amazon, and you can buy it from here.

There are more phones to try out if you need a simple phone for daily usage.

Final verdict!

If you are a traveler and needs to be connected to calls, then these phones are worth trying at a low price and better battery life.

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