[APK] Evil Dead Game : Endless Nightmare Out For Android

Evil Dead was a much scary film that scared all of us to the core, and now its game, Evil Dead Game – Endless Nightmare has finally secured its way on...

NHL SuperCard 2K17 for iOS and Android platform

There was a time during card-based sports games were something nobody could imagine… or even want. Those days are the long past, and like clockwork, 2K is back with their hockey...

[Update] CoC Update aka Clash of Clans October Update

Clash of Clans is still one of the addictive mobile games of today. And with the impending release of a huge update, Supercell is looking to make the game a lot more...

[APK] Download Surfing Game : THE JOURNEY for Android Devices

New  Surfing Game "The Journey" is now available on PlayStore. It’s likely that numerous have tried to go surfing before, but just can’t get the hang of it, and let’s face...

[APK] Download Banner Saga 2 : Now Finally comes to Android Devices.

Sometimes, there are games that come along that everyone seems to love (well, those who play those kinds of games at least) and that everybody can’t wait to be available on...