[Update] Pokemon Go : New Update Coming soon

 Pokemon Go updates in time for Halloween was the lift it needed in order to catapult it back to the top of the charts. On iTunes, it now stands in the...

NHL SuperCard 2K17 for iOS and Android platform

There was a time during card-based sports games were something nobody could imagine… or even want. Those days are the long past, and like clockwork, 2K is back with their hockey...

[APK] Download Clash Royale Update : Special Event Challenges, New Cards.

Clash Royale Update to version 1.6.0. Download the latest version of Clash Royale APK from the link provided at the bottom. If you had played Clash of Clans, a famous strategy game...

[NEW] EA Launches FIFA Mobile for iOS, Android, Windows Phone

EA is releasing their immensely popular soccer sim to your smartphone with FIFA Mobile, and it’s out today. You’ll master the game through an on-screen joystick, plus buttons for passing, sprinting and...

[APK] Download Banner Saga 2 : Now Finally comes to Android Devices.

Sometimes, there are games that come along that everyone seems to love (well, those who play those kinds of games at least) and that everybody can’t wait to be available on...