Clash Royale December Update 6

Clash Royale December Update brings significant balance changes, the Crown Duel Challenge and big improvements for Epic Cards. Before getting to all of the great stuff rolling out over the next few weeks.

Clash Royale December Update

Supercell is at it again. Clash Royale is getting an update January 13th, and the developers have once again started throwing sneak peeks our way. The first new addition is a distinct Arena, the Jungle Arena, which opens at 2600 Trophies and seems pretty impressive. We are also getting four new cards, with each card releasing every two weeks as per the usual new practice. We are receiving the Goblin Gang and the Dart Goblin along with two additional cards. The Goblin Dart is very appropriate for the new Jungle Arena. We also see more ways to get your hands on Epic cards, with Epic Sunday, Epic Chests, and more.

New Clash Royale  December Update Cards Overview:

Dart Goblin

Runs fast shoot far and chew gum. How does he blow darts with a mouth full of gum? Years of didgeridoo lessons.

He is a unique Goblin which deals 93 damage at Tournament level, meaning he needs two hits to kill Goblins/Spear Goblins and up to 3 hits to destroy Minions, Archers and Princess. His attack pace is super quick at 0.7s, which is as soon as the Lumberjack. He has the same attack range as the Royal Giant, meaning he makes outrange the Inferno Tower. He dies to Arrows and The Log.

Clash Royale December Update

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Executioner is the following fresh troop we are going to get soon in the upcoming update. He is an Epic card.

He throws his axe like a boomerang, striking all opponents on the way out and back. It is a wonder he doesn’t lose an arm. 

Clash Royale December Update

At level 4, he has 1010 HP. He is a ranged unit, meaning he attacks both air and ground. His attack speed is very late. His shooting area is 5 tiles, which is comparable to the Witch. Note that his damage is 140×2 (he throws his axe like a boomerang). His axe does splash damage.

He can kill Skeletons, Spear Goblins and Fire Spirits on the initial pass. On the next pass, he can kill Minions, Goblins, Archers, Princess, Ice Spirits, etc.

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Battle Ram

Two Barbarians carrying a big log charge at the approaching building, dealing vital damage If they connect; Then they go to town with their swords.

Clash Royale December Update

 Its cost is comparable to the Hog’s damage. At Tournament level, this card produces 2 level 9 Barbarians.

This card attacks like the Prince, dealing x2 damage. This card targets building only. It ignores all troops nearby and goes straight to the building.Once it hits the building, the two Barbarians will be activated.

Goblin Gang

Spawns 6 Goblins, three with Knives and 3 with Spears, at a discounted Elixir cost. It’s similar to a Goblin Value Pack!

Clash Royale December Update

 Upon spawn, Goblins visit in front of Spear Goblins. Please remark that If left alone, this card could deal up to 1,200 damage to your Tower. Don’t Ignore them!

OVERVIEW OF Clash Royale December Update:


  • Crown Duel Challenge coming on Dec 16 (available in Friendly Battles on Dec 15)
  • Watch The Crown Duel tournament live stream on Dec 17
  • Clan Chest event happening on Dec 19
  • Electro-Wizard Challenge coming on Dec 23


  • Request and donate Epic Cards on Sunday
  • Epic Cards cost less in the Shop
  • Epic Chests open more cards and compare with your current Arena


  • Jungle Arena opens on Jan 13


  • Dart Goblin available on Jan 13
  • One new card will be released every two weeks!


  • Special Event Challenges can play in Friendly Battles
  • New legendary jingle when buying a Legendary Card from the Shop
  • See a summary of your chest’s contents after opening
  • Fresh current look for the inbox (now: “News Royale”)


  • We’ve re-balanced several cards





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