New  Surfing Game “The Journey” is now available on PlayStore. It’s likely that numerous have tried to go surfing before, but just can’t get the hang of it, and let’s face it, it’s not an easy game. Well now, you can  go surfing from the comfort of your couch with “The Journey” developed by YouRiding. For those that haven’t heard of YouRiding back , they are a game studio that has been developing games for mobile platforms since 2007. And they hold over 1 million players around the world playing their games. So it’s safe to say that they are somewhat popular when it comes to Android games.

THE JOURNEY- Surfing Game for Android

surfing game

The Journey has over 300 real waves, and that is paired with some attractive stunning graphics and even more impressive is the intuitive controls that The Journey sports. This game will enable you to travel around the world, and ride the perfect waves, as well as be able to pull off some big moves. Any of the waves that are covered here are Pipeline, Teahupoo, Mundaka, Snapper Rocks, and Trestles. The company used real-life physics to make these waves undergo realistic as if you are actually out there riding these waves. They also have brands like Superbrand, Quiksilver, Rip Curl and more, which allow you to customize your character in the game. There are also some attractively detailed tutorials available, as well as riding tips from professionals and world champions in the surfing planet. In this game, you can invite your friends to play with you online, and the company is always working out updates to improve the graphics in this game.

Experience “The Journey” Surfing Game Amazing Features


This game is what you would call “Play for Free”. Concluding that it is free of cost  Download Game, however, there are some in-app purchases available as well. These in-app purchases range of $2.00 to $47.99. These purchases are not required to play the game at all, but they do improve the experience. The Journey is fit with Android 4.0.3 and higher, allowing most modern smartphones – and even some that are a few years young – to play the game with ease. It’s a fairly lightweight game, coming in at around 85MB in size. So most smartphones should have enough storage to download and install it.

Download Surfing Game – The Journey



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