We all know what 2017 means, that this is the year of FIFA 18. While EA is yet to make the game official, it is no secret that they will not skip a brand new instalment that football fans from every corner are looking forward to.

But despite the fact that FIFA 18 is still not confirmed, there are a host of rumours doing the rounds about the next entry in the award winning franchise already. The fact is, while FIFA 17 was an absolutely glorious game, it wasn’t perfect. And the lack of upgrades in several aspects left us wanting for more. But in ways more than one, we felt like it was a step in the right direction. So perhaps 2017 will be the year when FIFA fans get lucky enough to get a game that stands out from all the competition?

That’s hard to say right now, considering that the year has only just begun and the tentative Fifa 18 Release Date is still a while away. But thanks to all that we’re hearing about the next entry, it’s hard not to feel that EA is prepared to go all out with a bunch of cool new features, upgrades, along with the addition of a brand new platform.

That’s right. The upcoming FIFA installment is definitely coming for the new Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console has been the talk of the town ever since we became aware of its existence in 2016. And thanks to the subsequent looks that the company gave gaming fans in the form of some very intriguing trailers, it may be safe to conclude that it’s the next big thing in gaming. There’s no doubt, then, about why EA has taken a keen interest in the platform that is yet to make an appearance on the market. It is a fantastic opportunity for EA to do things a little differently as well, as EA COO Peter Moore says.

According to Moore, EA is building a separate version of FIFA 18 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. So at this point, it is difficult to say how exactly this new version will differ from the ones that we have been traditionally seeing. But there’s still a lot of time on their hands regarding this matter. The Switch is slated to come out on March 3, 2017, while FIFA 18 is expected to have a September release date. So that will give EA a lot of time to study the popular reactions to Nintendo’s new offering and make important tweaks in order to optimize it. But let us just say we are really excited to see how FFA 18 will adjust to the hybrid nature of the console.

Apart from that, we expect FIFA 18 to also come with better graphics, including much more detailed player animation and movements. But we hope that the same to be extended towards the action on the sidelines.

There is little doubt that FIFA 18 is already in the works and going by the series’ recent launch history, we are likely to see the game being rolled out sometime during mid to late September 2017. We hope to see the Switch version appearing alongside its PC, PlayStation and Xbox counterparts and not at a later date. But in any case, it looks like FIFA 18 will be a sure winner.


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