As the first half of 2016, Facebook officially launched its live video feature around the world. Since then, the social media landscape was never the same. People immediately got hooked and was soon using the freshly new app in almost all of their activities. It is especially useful for people or organizations who need to be live almost every time. The innovation proved useful and interesting, hence had very positive remarks from the users. Since it had such a huge success on Facebook, it shouldn’t be a wonder that the company will be working on incorporating the feature as well on their photo and video sharing stage form, Instagram.

Let’s Go Insta!


As per reports, Instagram has started testing the live video feature on its ‘Stories’ part on the beta Android app. The users that are currently using the live video feature will be noticed at another section located at the top of the page along with a red tag that reads ‘LIVE’. To start a love video, Instagram users would simply only have to click on the red button that says ‘Go Insta’.

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About Instagram  Live Video Specialty

Last August 2016, Instagram officially launched its ‘Stories’ feature which allows users to create a single video made of multiple images and small video clips, which can be shared with friends later on. But unfortunately, after a time of 24 hours, this video will disappear. When this feature was launched, it was instantly linked to Snapchat’s Story feature. To upload a story on Instagram, a user can do this by simply touching on the plus icon on the top left corner of the screen. After choosing or selecting a picture, or recording a video, the application will pop in and propose editing tools that would allow you to edit the video the way you want. It features tools that would allow you doodle on the image or the video.

What next in Instagram?

The new live video feature would truly be yet another innovative movement that would bring more popularity to the already famous Instagram. With features like this, it gets people wonder what Facebook and all other social media companies would bring next that would be the next drift. Surely a great feature for the photo and video sharing platform.


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