Best Android Custom Rom 2017

Android is an open source smartphone OS platform dominated by Google. Android OS continue updating its version time to time in Alphabetic order. Therefore, Android phones are used widely because of their exceptional features, apps, games and much more which can be accessed through Google Play store and others. But the most important part because of which Android devices are famous is android rooting. If you don’t know of rooting, then we suggest you rather read about How To Root Android Phone. There are many benefits of rooting android phone because we can just access system apps. We can even install custom roms. Android phones yet come with their own Rom and operating system. When you buy an Android phone after some time, rather a recent version of its operating system comes with new features. Sometimes we want to install our choice of ROM with custom characteristics. So we can install our own GUI by rooting the Android phone and installing best Android custom roms.
With the help of custom Rom, we can rather completely transform the look of our device user interface. Android device comes with their own ROM due to which we cannot customize characteristics. Therefore, this system ROM is known as stock ROM. But installing 3rd party ROM manually after rooting is called custom ROM. Different custom roms have various features and look. It rather depends on the developer team of that custom ROM how much they can make their ROM GUI easy to use and engaging. If you do not have any idea about custom roms, then don’t worry because in this article we present you list of some best Android custom roms and select any one which you like but you need to root the android phone first. Then search on Google for how to install that first Android custom roms to change your interface and to make it more attractive.

List Of  Best Android Custom Rom 2017.

1. CyanogenModBest Android ROM For Customization

CyanogenMod is another favorite ROM in the list of custom Roms for Android. Cyanogen assures you to provide the updates of your installed Android OS. It also empowers you to delete the pre-installed Apps which are installed by vendor whether beneficial to us or not. It also provides profile option to be used for different users to limit access for different users. In CyanogenMod, we can control different button and assign different task to each. List of all compatible devices and it’s more information is given on its official site which is provided below.
CyanogenMod-Best Android Custom Rom 2017

2.LineAge OS: 2017 Best ROM

Best Android Custom Rom-Best Android Custom Rom 2017
LineAge OS is the best android custom ROM. The name of the official Cyanogen Mod is changed and it is having the same features of Cyanogen Mod but it is having some other better settings. The Cyanogen MOD source codes are available for free for everyone. The LineAge OS is the ROM which will collect all the source codes and create his own operating system by changing the name and settings.
This ROM is available for many android devices such as OnePlus One, Redmi Note 3 and Nexus 5. The unofficial version is available for now.

3. Paranoid Android: Android Custom ROM

Paranoid Android is one of the favorite Android custom ROM. It is the first ROM based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It lets you change the color scheme in setting menu, multi-window feature, better performance and more space to be used to install other applications. Its hover mode allows you to read your notifications as they arrive and avoid any interruption with the document you are working on. Its Immersive mode hides the system bars globally.

 Paranoid Android-Best Android Custom Rom 2017

Paranoid Android

4. MIUI: Best Android ROM of 2017

MIUI is another cool custom ROM in all custom Roms for Android that improve your everyday efficiency. With this Rom you mark, block, identify unwanted phone calls with other details. Its screen allows you to access the notifications from any screen including lock screen. Its notification shades enable you to get information in a more interactive way. It provides access to 5000 themes for your phone. List of all compatible devices and it’s more information is given on its official site which is provided below.
MIUI-Best Android Custom Rom 2017


5. AOKP ROM (Android Open Kang Project).

AOKP is another popular in all Android custom Roms. If you are a lover of Stock Android, then you should install this Rom on your device. After installation, you will find all options of Rom in Rom control Tab Menu. With the help of this Rom, we can quickly change the height of the navigation bar according to our need. Navigation bar and status bar can also be made transparent with this Rom. We can also design custom vibration patterns to make it easy to identify who is calling even when your phone is in your pocket. List of all compatible devices and it’s more information is given on its official site which is provided below.

AOKP ROM (Android Open Kang Project)-Best Android Custom Rom 2017


6. Slim Bean: Best ROM In Simplicity

Slim Bean is another popular in all Android custom Roms that focus on providing users simple interface without any error or bugs. With the help of this Rom, you can update your Android version only in one tap. It uses a custom kernel so that we can take advantage of better performance and battery backup. It supports various Android launchers and displays themes with different styles. We can read our notifications even on the lock screen. List of all compatible devices and it’s more information is given on its official site which is given below.

Slim Bean-Best Android Custom Rom 2017

Slim Bean

7. Pac-man Rom.

Pac-man Rom is one of the best ROM of all Android custom Roms. It combines the features of various best Roms like Paranoid Android, CyanogenMod, AOKP and lets you allow to take advantage of these Rom best features as it is evident from its name. It provides a bug-free interface with custom features like to set different vibrate mode for different users, adjust the height of navigation bar, various inbuilt launchers, change predefined patterns of buttons. List of all compatible devices and it’s more information is given on its official site.

Pac-man Rom-Best Android Custom Rom 2017

Pac-man Rom

8. Euphoria Rom.

Euphoria Rom is another popular in all Android custom rom. This ROM is best compatible with nexuses mobiles. This ROM is based on AOSP Lollipop. It provides theme chooser to give your device a more attractive look. Euphoria Rom also includes many sound enhancements including AudioFX, expanded volume panel. It also provides inbuilt security option. If you are looking for more customized features for nexuses mobiles, then Euphoria Rom is an excellent choice for you. It provides attractive graphics and user interface. It also includes Led manager, Profiles, Privacy manager and also allows Navigation bar resize option.

Euphoria android custom rom-Best Android Custom Rom 2017

Euphoria Rom

9. Carbon Rom: Best LG custom ROM

Carbon Rom is another good choice in all Android custom Roms. Its quick launch ring feature allow you to keep up to four application in the ring for instant access. Its various features are arranged in scrollable tab according to categories. We can also change the color of the navigation bar. It allows you to add more options and toggles to menu bars. The quick setting option can be modified up to five columns and add to navigation bar as traditionally and also added like scroll bar menu.

Carbon Rom-Best Android Custom Rom 2017

Carbon Rom

10. Dirty Unicorns: Best In Customization

Dirty Unicorns is also a good option in the list of best Android Custom Roms. We can easily customize our Android phone with its Great Features. It provides Android Marshmallow version. It provides lock screen Wallpaper Changer, Color customization, and Notification Customization. This ROM also contains a smartBar. We can easily Assign 7 targets for Android phones and up to ten targets for Tablets. It also provides pulse feature. When we play music with it, support it provides bar style Equalizer supports a broad range of Phones including Sony, Samsung, HTC, Nexus, etc.

Dirty Unicorns-Best Android Custom Rom 2017

Dirty Unicorns

11. OmniRom: Cool Custom ROM

It is another Best Rom in the list of Best Android Custom Roms. This Rom is formed by Ex-Cyanogen Developers. It is a great options for Users who wants to upgrade their device with Android Marshmallow version. OmniRom supports a large Range of Devices like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Asus, Oppo, LG etc. It provide fast switching between the App using its Omni Switcher. It provide easy to use interface with its attractive look and several Customize features like Notification, status bar, themes, colors etc.


So these are some best Android custom ROM 2017. There are several other custom roms available in marketplace but some of them are not stable. These are the best custom roms available. In case we missed out any of the best custom ROMs for android please leave your review we will update it soon.



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