Lineage OS ROM

What is Lineage os? Lineage OS ROM is a new avatar of Cyanogenmod.

Hey, guys welcome to Mobfreak as all of us know that now cyanogen mod inc. Is no more, Yes you have to listen right cyanogen mod Inc. launched its last ROM CM 14.1 based on nougat and it is replacing by lineage Os.

You guys are wondering or maybe you are a little bit confused what’s going on stay tuned with us we will remove all the doubts.

What is Lineage OS ROM?

Lineage OS ROM is new a custom ROM company which is going to continue Cyanogen mod. No one knows how good their Roms will? They will continue Custom ROMs in future.

 Lineage OS ROM 1

What is stock Rom?

A stock ROM is the version of the phone’s operating system that comes with your phone when you buy it.

What is Custom Roms?

A Custom Rom is an operating system which can replace our phone android system. Custom ROMs are excellent as in the comparison of stock ROMs, and it has useful feature fewer bugs and beautiful themes.

However, the term “ROM” is not significantly used correctly when discussing the third party custom firmware. A “ROM” in computer science is “Read-Only Memory” which can only be read and not addressed to more than once in the most primary sense. Smartphones and tablets adopt flash memory to save the Android OS, so the correct term should be “custom firmware.” This naming convention may lead to some trouble when speaking about custom ROMs, just learn, the firmware is being changed, not any ROMs that might be on the device.

 Lineage OS ROM 2

What is CyanogenMod?

CyanogenMod is one of the best-known custom ROMs out there, allowing millions of users throughout the world to customize their devices to the fullest. With the popularity of CyanogenMod, the developer community has enjoyed huge success over the years. So much so, that the men behind CyanogenMod started Cyanogen Inc, and developed partnerships with phone manufacturers to have CyanogenMod as the default operating system. This commercial section of CyanogenMod hasn’t been as successful as the community driven version, however, more about that later.

CyanogenMod is the company which makes best custom ROMs for Android devices but the company is going to be shut down, and there will be a new custom ROM company name Lineage Os. Cyanogenmods inc. announced this before Christmas that there Official site has been closed, for more information check in google.


Difference B/w Lineage OS ROM and CyanogenMod

I think there will be less difference b/w in lineage Os and CyanogenMod because lineage Os is going to continues CyanogenMod.

How To Flash Lineage OS ROM in android device

  • Unlock your device’s bootloader – This can be tough in some cases and is much different for all devices. It will wipe the device clear, so make assured to backup any critical data.

Install a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM Recovery. It Can be done in several ways, but the best method is by the terminal. Just download the .img file from the respective site then save it to your computer in a convenient location. Once downloaded, make sure ADB and the Android SDK are installed on your PC and working properly. In the terminal or command prompt type“fastboot flash recovery (location of recovery on a computer).“

An original would be: “fastboot flash recovery c: recovery.img.” Once it is finished, reboot your device. The device should boot normally.

  • Flash the ROM zip file; it is the same for every recovery, just click “install” later, navigate to the folder with the file or if you are using CWM Recovery click “Install” then “Choose zip from SDCard” then navigate to the folder with the file. Then allow the prompt to install it, do not reboot yet, wait in recovery.
  • Flash GApps zip – GApps attains for Google Apps since these are owned by Google, CyanogenMod can not come pre-installed with them, so just easily flash the zip like you would work for the ROM right after installing CyanogenMod. Android 5.1.x GApps and Android 6.0 GApps.
  • Reboot! If everything went according to plan, the device should boot into CyanogenMod.


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