PlayStation 5

It’s already been 4 years since the launch of PlayStation 4, and there’s still no story of releasing Sony’s next version PlayStation 5. Usually, Sony maintains a gap of 6 years in between their successive PlayStation launches. The last PlayStation 4 was released in 2013, and hence we can expect the launch of PlayStation 5 around 2019. Many analysts predict that it will be launched between 2018 and 2020.

PlayStation is already a huge success story. It is the second highest selling gaming console in the world just after PlayStation 2. Hence we can expect bigger surprises with PlayStation 5 from Sony. Here are few things that we can expect from Sony’s next big launch.

High Definition 4K Resolution:-

It is almost certain that by the time PlayStation 5 would be launched on the market, a 4K resolution will become quite common and mainstream. Hence PlayStation 5 will completely support 4K, and it may also support 8K resolution.

Disc-based gaming is to stay in: –

We know that in today’s world, we are moving to streaming rather than using physical discs. But with the more complication and detailing in the game, the size of the game is increasing in exponential manner. Hence we may see the use of Ultra HD Blue rays disc which can store 50 to 100 GB in PS 5. This large volume data is very difficult to stream, and hence we may see Ultra HD disc drive in the next edition of PS.

Virtual Reality is the game changer: –

Virtual Reality will definitely be incorporated in the next PS version. Virtual Technology has become so common these days and the gamers must want to their favourite PS games in Virtual Reality console. PlayStation VR will also be cheaper than the traditional PC ones.

Flash Storage:-

Gaming console, these days, are getting involved with lot more other devices and media. Hence providing SSD storage instead of HDD could be a smart and effective move by Sony. It will make the device lighter and faster.

Social Networking:

Till now, PS can’t communicate with Social networking sites. But the ever increasing popularity of social sites among gamers may force Sony to include one feature by which the gamers could interact with each other on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Wireless Charging: –

Wireless charging has already become very common among smartphones. Still, the PlayStations need the wired plug to get charged. PlayStation 5 should bring the wireless charging feature for their gamers.

Bigger and Better Launch:-

The launch of PlayStation 4 was pretty mediocre and lacks that excitement. We can expect a lot more exciting launch of the next console, where there will lot more promotions and advertisements.

Open Source OS:

With the increasing trend of Open Source Operating System and software, Sony could include this feature with their PlayStation 5. If it is done, a lot of talented and creative developers from outside can design games and apps for PS 5.

Whatever we would see in the new PlayStation 5, it is assured that it would be of next level. Sony would definitely want to go one step ahead from the present to make their gamers happy.


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