A statement by Gadgets360 exposes another exploding Note 7 situation. A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 user in China said on Tuesday that his smartphone exploded during charging.

Be Careful, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploded in China.


Now, This surely is problematic, As Samsung just recently declared a recall for all the affected Note 7’s across the globe.

Samsung is sourcing batteries from various vendors and it’s doing a different one, particularly for the Chinese supermarket. During the recall in the United State and other countries. The Note 7 sales were rejected, And replaced with the non-faulty Galaxy Note 7. But, Since China’s Note 7 had an another vendor which didn’t show up any malfunctions. The device sales were not rejected.

There were two more cases of blasting Note 7’s in China, as per statements by Bloomberg. Samsung upon research came to a conclusion that the smartphone was affected due to an outside heat source. And not the battery being damaged.

The latest incident in the Note 7’s battery gate is the Chinese customer named Hui, Who states that the smartphone blasted during charging using a MacBook. This incident happened on Sunday, and the smartphone was purchased on Saturday.

Samsung spokespeople have offered to refund Hui, and compensate him for the damaged MacBook. They’ve asked him to return the phone, though, he refuses to do so, as he wants the company to make a statement about the difficulty.

A Samsung report told it was in touch with the customer and Will conduct a thorough investigation of the device in issue once we receive it. This definitely affects Samsung as a brand. As people would definitely shift to separate brands for a safer smartphone user experience.


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