Android phones have tons of application and games which are not available on PC. For instance, you can use Android emulators for PC.  You can debug Android applications and games directly on PC. This enhances the quality of applications and games as you can operate them on a big screen. People often use Android emulators for enhancing the gaming experience. Modern Combat series is not available on PCs yet. However, many gamers believe that FPS genre is not suited for mobile phones. Gamers search for best Android emulators online but the end result is never satisfying. There are various Android emulators with each one having different features. However, it is hard to choose the correct Android emulator for you.

To ease the process of selection, here is the list of best Android emulators available on the Internet:

  • Remix OS Player

It is one of the most widely used Android emulators online. You can easily install Remix OS Player on any Windows or Mac PC. It supports Android Marshmallow OS. After downloading the file, enable ‘Virtualisation Technology’ in your BIOS.

After installing the application, a taskbar will appear at the bottom and home screen wallpaper with few app icons on it. You can customize applications, home screen, location, battery, etc. As Remix OS Player supports Google Play Store, you can download new applications and games on it as well.

You can customize controls of games. If you are playing Modern Combat 5 then you can simply install it initially and then customize controls. Remix OS Player has some options to enhance the gameplay of Android games.

All the customizable features offered by Remix OS Player make it one of the best online Android emulators available.

  • Andy Android Emulator

The second emulator on our list is another affordable option with an amazing list of features. You can install Andy Android Emulator after downloading its base file. After installing the emulator, a screen will load with some app icons on the homepage.

Andy Android Emulator has some unique features for its customers. You can load widgets on the home screen. This improves the functionality of emulator. For downloading applications and games, Andy Android Emulator supports Google Play Store. No set-up is required for installing these applications.

Andy Android Emulator is helpful for those people who don’t have a high end phone which can play RAM hogging games like Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5, etc. These games can be played on Andy Android Emulator which also allows players to customize controls according to their needs.

Despite having some installation issues in the past, it has now recovered from those shortcomings to come out as a worthy contender in the list of best android emulators online.

  • Bluestacks

It was the very first Android emulator and it still remains as the best Android emulator available. Features offers by Bluestacks are on a completely different level. It was the initial Android emulator to support Google Play Store. It has an official website which contains download link of the base file of Bluestacks.

After downloading Bluestacks, a set-up loads for its installation. Choose appropriate options and install Bluestacks on your PC. The unique feature of Bluestacks includes that it allows installation of Android applications and games using APK. You can simply download APK on your browser and install applications using the sideloading technique. You can also install these applications from Google Play Store.

The knack is that Bluestacks has two versions. One of them is a paid version and another version is full of ads. The free version of Bluestacks lags a lot because of constant ads. It is recommended to use the paid version of Bluestacks for avoiding any disturbance while operating Bluestacks.

  • LeapDroid

It is an Android emulator based on Android KitKat. It may come as a surprise but it does not support any latest version of Android, however, customization options offered by LeapDroid matches the greatness of other Android emulators mentioned in the list.

You can download LeapDroid via any source. Interestingly, it was acquired by Google until last year when the partnership was discontinued. Despite the discontinuation, you can download LeapDroid.

As we mentioned that LeapDroid has great customization features. You can use them for enhancing the gameplay of Android games. It has a clean and simple interface. The development of LeapDroid is discontinued but if you want a friendly Android emulator then LeapDroid is the best choice for you.

  • KO Player

KO Player in an Android emulator specially built for gaming. It supports various options to enhance the gameplay of Android games. It is available for free. Also, it is one of the most recent Android emulators available in the market.

Along with gameplay enhancement options, you can record the gameplay of Android games. You can use key mapping to emulate any controller with your keyboard. You can use KO Player to shoot YouTube videos regarding gameplay of Android games.

It still needs some fixes but the development team is working on bugs. Developers have promised that the new update of KO Player will be bug-free. You can download it for free via any source on the Internet.

  • Android Studio’s Emulator

Actually, it is an application designed for developers who want to buildAndroid applications and games. However, it contains an Android emulator for testing these applications. If you are looking for having fun then this might not be the best option for you.

Google acquires the developmental rights of Android Studio’s Emulator. It can turn out to be a very useful application for developers. It contains tons of features which can be used for efficient development of Android applications and games making the process simpler.

Wrapping it up…

These are six different Android emulators granting unique features. Make a list of things which you want to expect from your Android emulator. Match that list with each of these Android emulators to choose the perfect Android emulator for you.These six Android emulators combine to gain the tag of ‘Top 6 best Android emulators for PC.’

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