Google featured a new innovative Android app called Google Sprayscape, which allows users to easily capture their own 360-degree photo or video. The creator described the approach as “VR-ish,” because it is perfectly imperfect.

Mashable explained that Google Sprayscape starts on a blank black sphere that users can fill with images by simply tapping on the screen. Sprayscape will then use the gyroscope of the device to start to catch the surroundings. The app will only capture the portion of the frame that users feel. As a result, taking virtual reality (VR) selfies has become faster and much more convenient. The Sprayscape output is unfocused & blurry but quite easy to share.

google sprayscape

Google Sprayscape users can quickly share their catch images and videos by sending a link. Friends can view the 360-degree creation by popping it in a Cardboard viewer, holding their mobile device up to see several parts of the creation, or dragging their finger around the frame. The Sprayscape issue are not actually clear VR content, although users generally have the advantage of working very fast because they do not have to rely on superior stitching algorithms.

Glenn Cochon, Google Creative Lab Senior Designer, stated that they are attached of VR and taking photos, which helped them decide to fuse the two together through Google Sprayscape. Users are urged to test their creativity and come up with trippy images by simply waving their phones and capturing the environment without having to join every time. There is not much space to write on the virtual wall, however, but Google is expected to make improvement in Sprayscape soon.


On Google Play, the developers of Google Sprayscape declare that users will be taking photos on a 360-degree sphere. When they view a scale, they are looking around media with a 360 space orientation. This app is available through Android Experiments, which is a means for Google to feature new creative ways that developers can use Android for new kinds of experiences. Compared to Snapchat for VR, Google Sprayscape features a more original approach. Google is expected to introduce new add-ons based on user feedback in the following weeks.



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