WatchOS 4

Over the years Apple products like MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and iPods have mesmerized with their incredible features and specs. But ‘times they are changing’ and the Apple Watch has also gained immense popularity among the fans with the growing popularity of the smartwatches. Apple Watch 2 run by the watchOS 3, has revolutionized the concept of the smartwatches. While the incredible features of the wearable are a reason behind its towering success, the easy and intuitive operating system has also played a major role. Apple launched the latest watchOS 3 last September along with the new iPhones and iPads. But with the ever growing craze for the smartwatches, the US-based tech conglomerate is planning to launch the next version of this smartwatch-exclusive operating system as soon as possible. So now the question is when Apple will unveil the WatchOS 4?

As per various credible sources, the tech giant is planning to launch the hugely anticipated watchOS 4 during the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which is scheduled to take place in June 2017. As Apple is famous for keeping the trends and traditions, it is more likely that the rumor is going to be true and they will release the watchOS 4 in June along with the new iOS 11 and MacOS.

Now the second biggest question is what will be the probable features of watchOS 4 and what are the specs fans expecting from this forthcoming operating system? If we believe the rumors, Apple will incorporate the sleep tracking feature in the watchOS. Although the US-based tech giant projected the latest Apple Watch 2 as a fitness tracker, but the exclusion of the sleep tracking abilities has somewhat marred the reputation of the smartwatch. So if the watchOS 4 includes the sleep tracking ability in the upcoming Apple Watch 3, it will complete the device.

The watchOS 3 only comes with limited numbers of watch faces. But according to various reports, the watchOS 4 will facilitate the users to design their own customized watch faces. Android Wear already offers their users the same feature and will make the Apple Watch users excited as anything.

Another sterling feature which is expected to make its debut in the upcoming watchOS 4 is the ability to synchronize with the other Apple devices. The sources working closely with the watchOS 4 project hinted that the forthcoming operating system will allow the smartwatch to connect with the other Apple products such as iPhones and iPads.

The Apple Watch 2 comes with a digital crown button embedded in the body of the smartwatch. But it is being expected from the US-based tech conglomerate that they will make certain changes in the behavior of the Digital Crown and the users will finally be able to open some specific apps or directly jump to the clock screen through the button.

Apart from these features, watchOS 4 is surely going to upgrade the heart tracking feature and will come with an upgraded battery life.


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